Sometimes, it’s up to you to learn what you need to know to be the best roofing supplier in your market.

That is the message Wade Baughn, vice president at American Home Specialists, gives in this brief video chat with RSP Publisher Jill Bloom. He notes that some companies might be great about publishing technical guides or providing information about regional regulations, but investing time into your own knowledge base is never wasted time.

“How do you deliver shingles if you don’t know what’s required?” he said. “If this county requires this or this state requires this, there’s got to be something that you need to learn.”

Baughn said this isn’t limited to simply reading up on the latest literature and regulations. This can be setting up meetings with manufacturers to learn about their latest product’s specifications, or even booking a hands-on demonstration to better understand what your customers will want to know about the products you provide.

View the full video here, or download the podcast version and listen on the go.