TimberBase, an affiliate of UFP Industries, Inc., announced the launch of TimberBase.com, a B2B digital platform for buying and selling lumber and building materials. 

The platform was purchased from German tech start-up Timber Base GmbH in February 2023. The platform has been upgraded with a more intuitive interface, supported by UFP’s team of international industry experts, to simplify the buying and selling process for customers and suppliers around the world.

“TimberBase will host a broad portfolio of lumber and building material products,” said Andy Cubeta, vice president of international trading for TimberBase. “This automated, easy-to-use platform provides several modern advances, such as real-time order tracking, a live chat function for immediate assistance and expert guidance, and the ability to quickly and easily create and accept order requests."

Cubeta said the world is rapidly changing, and the TimberBase team aims to be "on the forefront of modernizing the trading activities of the global timber industry." He said the goal is to be the leading global B2B platform for buying and selling lumber and building materials.

“A global trading presence strengthens UFP Industries’ sourcing advantage by providing access to valuable wood baskets throughout the world,” said Dick McBride, executive vice president. “TimberBase will enhance this advantage for our manufacturing operations in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia through new supplier relationships. It also will provide opportunities for us to export our products anywhere in the world and connect suppliers and other manufacturers with each other. Trading in this industry has primarily been via phone and email. Now it will be conducted ultra-efficiently through TimberBase.”