Elevate, a leading commercial roofing, wall and lining systems provider, has reoriented its U.S. Sales organization and leadership team. The Elevate internal U.S. Sales team is now organized into East and West divisions, each led by a senior sales director. 

The newly created role of vice president of Supply Chain & Customer Experience will focus on end-to-end optimization, collaboration across the organization, and providing exceptional service to customers. In a news release, Elevate said it implemented these changes to "reinforce the commitment to improved customer centricity and provide more regionally focused customer support."

"Listening to our customers, building strong relationships, and prioritizing customer experience are at the core of who Elevate is,” said Kristin Beck, president of the Americas Commercial Roofing Systems & Lining business unit at Holcim Building Envelope. “These leadership changes are a step forward in strengthening our market relationships and enhancing our customer engagement. Expanding senior leadership roles will further support our efforts in achieving these goals."

Vice President of Supply Chain & Customer Experience to Underscore Dedication to Service

Elevate-Jennifer-Hemgesberg.jpgJennifer Hemgesberg has been promoted to vice president of Supply Chain & Customer Experience to enhance the integrated supply chain, focusing on end-to-end optimization and promoting collaborative efforts across the Holcim Building Envelope organization, including the Elevate brand. Hemgesberg will be responsible for demand and supply chain planning and will lead the Elevate Customer Experience (CX) program, reinforcing the brand's commitment to customer loyalty and satisfaction. Hemgesberg’s professional experience includes a diverse background in supply chain planning and customer-centered programs, priming her to optimize customer service and drive sustainable growth.

Senior Sales Directors to Better Address Regional Needs

David Finn and Allen Sopko have both been promoted to the role of senior sales director, with Finn leading the East and Sopko leading the West. In their new roles, the senior sales directors will be responsible for regionally organized teams of Regional Sales, Strategic Account, and Regional Account Managers. 

"The Elevate Technical and Warranty teams will be regionally aligned with their sales partners to allow for more effective collaboration within each market," the company said in a release. "Together, these teams will be uniquely positioned to address customers’ needs, and in partnership with Elevate independent sales representatives, will focus on delivering an outstanding customer experience."


Finn joined Holcim Building Envelope in 2017. With 30 years of experience in account management, sales, operations, and leadership development, Finn enters the role with an understanding of both the strategic and operational aspects of the business.

Sopko joined Holcim Building Envelope in 2004 and has held many positions throughout his career. His experience in sales, technical, product management, and marketing has shaped a comprehensive understanding of the building products industry.

For more information, please visit HolcimElevate.com or contact your local sales rep.