As the economy continues to struggle in its recovery from the pandemic, inflation and supply chain woes, it can be tempting for roofing distribution customers to cut some corners when it comes to paying bills. 

Thea Dudley, CEO of Pocket Protectors, has seen it all when it comes to credit and collections. In this video, Dudley tells an astonishing story of a customer who tried some underhanded tactics to avoid paying what was owed.

The story is a lesson in making sure your customers are being honest when it comes to paying their bills, and how sometimes it may require some digging and working with vendors to verify payments are made properly. Dudley said she often sees this when a client takes on a job that might be too big or overwhelming for them to handle.

“A smaller guy that’s growing gets a job that he doesn’t have the bandwidth for, and he’s building that off of his suppliers,” she said. “Unfortunately, we let them get away of it and that’s how they get buried.”

Dudley provides some tips and ideas for suppliers to keep in mind when dealing with difficult customers and how to keep them on track. 

Watch the full video here, or download the podcast version and listen to it on the go.