Roofing distribution and the industry at large is ripe with career opportunities for women, and a new video from National Women in Roofing recently featured on Fox Business is encouraging women to explore those opportunities.

The video from production company Empowered, hosted by actor Meg Ryan (“When Harry Met Sally,” “Sleepless in Seattle,” “Top Gun”), highlighted the careers women can have in the roofing industry. As the video states, women only make up about 0.5% of the roofing professionals in the U.S., but more are joining each day.

“Career stability, longevity, and advancement opportunities are just a few reasons why more women are becoming a part of this great industry,” the video says.

The video features clips from an interview with Sarah Weiss, CEO and president of Elite Roofing Supply. Weiss talks about the barriers that previously kept women from joining the industry and how there are plenty of roles for them, from chemical engineers and sales to field technicians.

“The roofing industry is a business, so every role in businesses exists in the roofing industry,” she said.

The paradigm in roofing is shifting as well. According to Roofing Contractor's 2023 State of the Industry, recruiting new talent still remains one of the top challenges. As Weiss notes, business owners are less concerned about whether someone is a man or woman and are instead interested in hiring the most qualified candidate.

Renae Bales, vice president of service at Dallas-based KPost Roofing and Waterproofing, and former executive chair of NWiR, reinforces this idea in the video, saying women are just as capable in roles traditionally held by men, including working on roofs as well as driving trucks.

“You’ll see we have a large female staff within our office, it’s not just being an admin, it’s not just being on the roof,” she said.

A second video, roughly a minute long, highlights how NWiR supports women in the roofing industry through education and mentorship.

View the full video here and a shorter version here: