Atlas Roofing announced the debut of a new web series in partnership with HailTrace called "Weather the Storm," which gives viewers an inside look into what it's like to be a storm chaser.

The series follows Paul Casseri, director of product management and business development for Atlas, and Derik Kline, founder and CEO of HailTrace, and his team as they track a dangerous hailstorm in Taylor, Neb., from their headquarters in Edmond, Okla.

HailTrace.jpegThe group then makes the eight-hour journey, heading straight into the storm, to put Atlas' StormMaster Shake shingles made with Core4® Technology to the ultimate test.

Secured in the bed of a Ford Raptor pickup truck that was specially modified for storm chasing, the shingles are subjected to countless, direct hits from hailstones to see if they are strong enough to resist fractures and cracks from multiple impacts, as required for a Class 4 impact-resistance rating.

Will StormMaster Shake shingles "Weather the Storm?" Tune in to see!

The six-episode web series debuted on Atlas Roofing's YouTube channel Sept. 12, at 6 p.m. (ET). New episodes will air at the same time every other Tuesday, through Nov. 21. Casseri and Kline will also go live on the channel on the weeks in between, hosting Q&As and recapping previous episodes. 

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