Are your contractor customers looking for a way to capture aerial imagery of current and future projects? TAMKO Building Products is now offering a path that requires no need to purchase drones.

In a release, TAMKO announced that its Certified Contractors can be among the first to experience EagleView Assess, an innovative new drone service that helps contractors to quickly visualize roof damage. According to a release from TAMKO, contractors have discounted access to EagleView’s aerial roof measurement reports as a result of a new program provided through the TAMKO Edge® contractor loyalty program. 

TAMKO Certified Contractors can now use EagleView Assess’s simple-to-fly drones to capture detailed, high-resolution images of a structure and generate automated damage reports and measurements for fast and accurate repair estimates. The new EagleView Assess drones include automated obstacle detection, which maps out each flight path to avoid trees, chimneys, and other potential dangers. EagleView handles insurance requirements and drone repairs and replacement through the program, and even assists with operator training for participating contractors. 

“At TAMKO, we’re focused on innovation and technology, and EagleView’s new drone program is a great fit with our efforts to push the roofing industry forward with the products and tools of the future,” said Alex Hines, TAMKO vice president of sales and marketing. “This new benefit in the TAMKO Edge contractor loyalty program offers value to our contractors in terms of savings and efficiency.”

TAMKO Certified Contractors who sign up now through Sept. 30, 2023, receive an exclusive discount on the monthly Assess subscription rate plus hundreds of dollars of free EagleView reports for an estimated value to contractors of nearly $1,000 in savings during the first year. After September 30, the program continues with savings that include an exclusive monthly discount plus five free EagleView Premium roof reports. 

“EagleView has a vision for the future where roofing companies spend less time on administrative activities and more time fixing roofs,” said Piers Dornmeyer, CEO of EagleView. “This program helps us to continue to support the roofer by streamlining the bothersome and dangerous task of taking roofing measurements.”

TAMKO states all of its Certified Contractors can access EagleView’s gold-level pricing on roof reports, and TAMKO’s top-tier MasterCraft Pro Contractors can receive additional savings on mid-size premium roof reports. 

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