The EIFS Industry Members Association [EIMA] announced on August 15 that Atlas Molded Products, which specializes in developing and manufacturing innovative, high-performance molded polystyrene for various applications, has joined the association as an associate member.

"We are very pleased that Atlas is joining EIMA," said Steve Smithwick, the 2022-24 president of EIMA and president of Master Wall, Inc. "Atlas is the nation's largest EPS manufacturer and has the most extensive polystyrene processing capabilities in North America.” 

Smithwick added, “The rigid insulation board Atlas manufactures is an integral component of EIFS, and Atlas' participation in EIMA will help all of us promote EIFS as the technically superior, energy-efficient, flexible and aesthetically-appealing wall system that we all know it is."

Stephen Sears, EIMA's executive director and CEO, said Atlas’s membership was good news for both his trade group and the larger industry.

“Since the ‘I’ in ‘EIFS’ stands for insulation, Atlas' leadership in the insulation manufacturing and distribution space will benefit everyone in the EIFS value chain," Sears said.

Atlas Molded Products will join other industry players like ADFORS Saint-Gobain, Clark Dietrich Building Systems, Dow, Rockwool, Wacker, and Wind-Lock as associate members of EIMA.

"The advocacy and educational work that EIMA has been doing in our industry to support the growing demand for energy-efficient building solutions has been very impressive,” said Steve Heaton, vice president & general manager of the Atlas Molded Products division., “We are looking forward to being a part of EIMA and working together to further support EIFS industry initiatives"

The manufacturer, a division of Atlas Roofing Corp., specializes in developing and manufacturing high-performance molded polystyrene for various applications. With plants nationwide, Atlas Molded Products has extensive polystyrene processing capabilities domestically. 

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