Sometimes, a roofing distributor's customers need a hand when it comes to sales. In this case, it is a digital hand from AccuLynx that can help your customers improve sales.

AccuLynx's new Lead Intelligence feature is designed to help roofing contractors improve their sales efforts. According to a statement from AccuLynx, Lead Intelligence uses artificial intelligence to predict homeowner buying behavior, empowering roofing companies with data that aims to help prioritize sales efforts on leads that are most likely to buy from them. This feature streamlines the lead vetting process, a time-consuming and subjective approach that can be less effective among inexperienced sales reps.

“Lead Intelligence is a game-changer for roofing companies,” said Mark Rattin, vice president of product at AccuLynx. “AccuLynx customers no longer have to guess which leads to call first, or only rely on their experienced sales people to quickly close deals. Now they can improve their sales win rates by focusing their efforts on the best leads.”

The company states the Lead Intelligence feature uses hundreds of permission-based third party data attributes, including demographic, financial, and property-based information, to assign a score to a lead.

The “Lead Rank” is displayed for both Leads and Prospect records in AccuLynx, allowing users to filter and sort opportunities by “Lead Rank” in addition to other criteria. This new feature is included with all AccuLynx subscriptions.

“Lead Intelligence supports our mission of providing roofing contractors with easy-to-use technology tools that help them work smarter and grow their business,” said Mike Stein, CEO of AccuLynx. “It will simplify our customers’ sales processes and increase their conversion rates.”

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