Kraton Corporation, producer of specialty polymers and high-value bio-based products derived from pine wood pulping co-products, announced Thursday the launch of SYLVASOLV, a bio-based hydrocarbon oils line for performance and environmental advantages.

In a Feb. 22 news release, Kraton said SYLVASOLV could be used across multiple industries, including agrochemicals, adhesives, and lubricants. The first offering, SYLVASOLV 1000, has been specifically developed to meet the unique functional needs of the agriculture industry, finding use in fertilizer coatings and crop protection.

"We are excited to introduce SYLVASOLV bio-based oils to the market," said Lana Culbert, Kraton's senior director of Global Marketing. "The launch of SYLVASOLV 1000 further demonstrates Kraton's commitment to providing sustainable, high-performance alternatives to petroleum-based products. This 100 percent, bio-based oil can improve fertilizer coating formulations and enable a reduced carbon footprint*."

The SYLVASOLV product line is derived from Crude Tall Oil, a by-product of the Kraft pulp industry, and is sourced from managed forests and non-genetically modified trees that do not compete with food crops or require land use change 

In addition to its sustainability attributes, Kraton said, SYLVASOLV oils have “excellent solvency” power, which can “enhance formulation optionality, enabling lower viscosity and safer handling” due to their low-temperature properties.

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