Siplast, a Standard Industries company, announced the national launch of Parasolo TPX, its first-ever thermoplastic polyolefin solution (TPO), providing customers with a viable alternative to PVC with the same promise of cost-effectiveness and reliability attached to any Siplast product offering. Compatible with all single-ply systems including mechanically-attached, induction welded, and adhered, Parasolo TPX can help to save time and labor. 

“Siplast has built a reputation as a trusted provider, not only of SBS roofing systems, but of any solutions that can address our customers’ challenges,” said Kirk Goodrum, vice president and general manager of Siplast. “Our goal is to provide premium products that meet the needs of any project, while maintaining the best-in-class service and product engineering that customers have come to expect from Siplast.”

Parasolo TPX is suitable for high-heat environments since its white membrane features a blend of premium materials that both enhances solar-reflectiveness and provides long-term heat and UV resistance. Boasting a three-year age reflectance of 0.72, Parasolo TPX can help reduce rooftop temperatures and urban heat island effects, and supports the use of efficient bi-facial solar panels.

Its engineering enables it to withstand certain extreme weather conditions including elevated levels of UV radiation and extreme temperature fluctuations, testing at more than four times the industry standard for weather resistance. Meeting the NSF P151 standard for rainwater catchment components, Parasolo TPX also empowers designers and builders to meet sustainability goals across their project portfolio.

“Parasolo TPX is an important addition to Siplast’s lineup of single-ply roofing membranes that provides the added resilience that is particularly needed in certain regions of the country, all without breaking the bank for design professionals or their customers,” said Peter Gross, Lightweight Insulating Concrete and Single Ply product manager at Siplast. “It provides the perfect marriage of quality and cost optimization that the roofing industry needs for the next generation of sustainable solutions.”

The new Parasolo TPX membrane will be on display at the 2024 International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants (IIBEC) conference from March 8–11 in Phoenix. To learn more about Parasolo TPX, visit