S-5!, a global leader in metal roof attachment manufacturing, announced on Wednesday it had achieved 21 new patents issued in 2023, bringing the total number of patent issuances to 133 since the company’s first product was patented in 1991. 

In a Dec. 13 news release by S-5!, the company said The United States Patent and Trademark Office most recently granted S-5! Patent No. 11,808,043 for its new S-5! Bonding Clip, which bonds and grounds standing seam metal roof panels (one to the next) for safety purposes if a roof is energized with electricity.

Numerous other patents were issued to S-5! this year by the following global patent agencies, including:

  • African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO): PVKIT 2.0 solar solution
  • Australia: PVKIT solar solution; PVKIT 2.0 solar solution; TrapBracket attachment; RibBracket I-IV attachment; top-fix CorruBracket attachment; S-5-N Clamp; Standing Seam Clamp
  • Brazil: GripperFix utility mounting solution 
  • Canada: PVKIT 2.0 solar solution
  • Colombia: GripperFix utility mounting solution; PVKIT 2.0 solar solution
  • Ghana: PVKIT 2.0 solar solution
  • India: Standing Seam Clamp
  • Kenya: PVKIT 2.0 solar solution
  • Namibia: PVKIT 2.0 solar solution
  • Panama: GripperFix utility mounting solution
  • Saudi Arabia: PVKIT 2.0 solar solution
  • Tanzania: PVKIT 2.0 solar solution
  • United States: GripperFix utility mounting solution; WindClamp 2X external seam clamp

S-5 - New Patents - RC TOF.jpg“As our international business expands, including the growth of solar worldwide due to global initiatives for clean energy, S-5! continues to be at the forefront of innovation, providing our channel partners with trusted, tested and engineered manufactured metal roof attachments,” said Rob Haddock, S-5! founder and CEO. 

“Our research and development team always strives to ‘innovate, improve, and re-innovate,’ while doing things ‘The Right Way!’” Haddock added.

For more information, visit S-5.com.