A home's exterior is often the first thing guests or potential buyers see, meaning its curb appeal can have a significant impact on making a good first impression so staying current with exterior trends can help make a statement, increase your home's value, and enhance the comfort of your living space.

If you're looking to help your contractor clients and homeowners refresh or improve their home's function and style in the new year, Westlake Royal Building Products offers what it says are home exterior trends for 2024 from its company experts.

Westlake Royal has a particular focus on significant building envelope components, including siding, trim, moldings, roofing, stone, windows, outdoor living, and more.

A Connection with Nature

Biophilic design can lead to increased well-being and productivity. Growing wellness and environmental concerns are driving demand for outdoor living space improvements and integration of nature in design, including elements like green roofs, living walls and large windows.

You can create dramatic outdoor spaces by contrasting light and dark colors. For example, matte black can be paired with materials like brick, stone, shingles and wood for an eye-catching twist. Bold, earthy tones such as navy blue, forest green, dark brown and red can also be combined with nature-inspired materials for organic texture and warmth. Other trending colors for 2024 include vivid teal and aqua blue, which can induce a sense of serenity.

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High-Performance Siding

As climate change and severe weather events continue to intensify, there is a growing need for high-performance, weather-resistant building products. Homeowners continue to favor resilient materials that require less maintenance or replacement, such as recycled vinyl, engineered wood, and fiber cement, which maintain beauty and function.

Designed with innovation and performance in mind, Celect Cellular Composite Siding, a premium PVC siding from Westlake Royal Building Products, replicates the beauty and aesthetics of wood while remaining low maintenance and durable for a lifetime. Featuring a patented interlocking seam design, it keeps moisture out and almost eliminates seams. Plus, its Kynar Aquatec coating provides superior protection against ultraviolet rays, reduces energy demands and resistance, and resists dirt and seasonal staining.

Functional Outdoor Living Spaces

Focused on creating seamless connections between interior and exterior spaces, this evolution in outdoor design includes the integration of outdoor kitchens and living areas. Elements such as fire pits, pizza ovens, outdoor entertainment, and games can be incorporated to personalize the space and provide a unique, entertaining hub. Using cohesive materials and textures that can withstand the elements and flow from indoors to outdoors, such as stone veneer, can help elevate the space and further tie it to the home's interior.

Mixed Materials and Textures

Blending various textures, finishes and materials on a home's facade can create a unique, visually dynamic look. Using a combination of materials like brick and vinyl siding or stone and wood can add depth and visual interest. An option like Versetta Stone delivers the authentic look and feel of stone in a panelized format that is easy to install with screws or nails and requires no metal lath or scratch coat. The stone siding features a tongue-and-groove system for perfect spacing, has a built-in rainscreen and can be installed almost anywhere without additional footings for support.

Transitional Takes on Tradition

A versatile design approach allows a home to transcend trends, ensuring its relevance and appeal over an extended period. In 2024, look for a rise in classic design trends featuring elements such as vertical siding, crisp white trim, and other modernized traditional styles, as well as a shift away from minimalism that incorporates more nostalgic, personal touches to home exteriors, ushering in more a transitional style.

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