GAF, a Standard Industries company and manufacturer of roofing and waterproofing products, announced in a news release today that it reached a goal of repairing or replacing 500 roofs on the homes of families impacted by severe weather throughout the Gulf Region. 

The effort, first announced last fall in partnership with actor Anthony Mackie, Marvel Cinematic Universe’s next “Captain America,” is part of ‘GAF Community Matters,’ a social impact initiative stated by the company to focus on building more resilient communities nationwide.   

As extreme weather patterns continue to plague communities across the country, it’s estimated that in 2022, more than one million Americans were forced from their homes for more than a month due to severe weather. 

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the country has already set records in 2023 for the most billion-dollar disasters in just the first seven months of any year since 1980. GAF noted that the road to rebuilding is “…long and expensive, often left incomplete, leaving families and communities overburdened and vulnerable to future weather events.” 

In addition to delivering on the roof repairs commitment, GAF trains affected community members in essential roofing skills through the GAF Roofing Academy. The program is a pipeline for skilled labor currently in high demand and helps train a workforce to support future rebuilding efforts in communities hit by severe weather. Mackie joined the GAF Roofing Academy training in New Orleans, consisting of classroom and hands-on instruction. 


Actor Anthony Mackie talks with U.S. Air Force veteran Joe Capers, whose home was impacted by hurricanes. Mackie, GAF and partners repaired the roof as part of GAF Community Matters, a social impact initiative focused on building more resilient communities. GAF, a Standard Industries company and North America’s largest roofing and waterproofing manufacturer, announced today that it reached the goal of repairing or replacing 500 roofs on the homes of families in need throughout the Gulf Region.


“Born and raised in New Orleans, where I still live today, I know first-hand the devastating impact storm damage can have on families,” Mackie said. “The work that GAF has done here in the Gulf Region and across the country is helping make our community more resilient to severe weather in the future.” 

As part of the training in New Orleans, GAF Roofing Academy students put their new skills to work, volunteering alongside Mackie and GAF team members to replace the roof of long-time resident Joe Capers, a U.S. Air Force veteran who has lived in New Orleans since the 1950s.

“As the son of a roofer, there is a sense of pride that comes with repairing a neighbor’s home,” Mackie added. “Helping to train people from this area in the roofing skills they need to not only earn a meaningful living but also help their neighbors when the next storm hits … means everything to me.”

This latest achievement is part of GAF’s $25 million commitment to help create more resilient communities nationwide in partnership with national and local non-profit organizations, including Rebuilding Together, Habitat for Humanity, Team Rubicon, Good360 and St. Bernard Project. GAF Community Matters first launched in 2020 and, to date, has helped repair roofs on more than 3,500 homes. 

“Completing 500 roofs in the Gulf Region is a milestone for GAF Community Matters; more importantly, this commitment has made a meaningful impact on hundreds of families, allowing them to return to their homes,” said John Altmeyer, CEO of GAF. “Through the partnership with Anthony, we have been able to raise awareness of the needs of these impacted communities, and by applying our expertise, products, resources and partnerships, we have been able to provide support and training to help communities across the country build the resilience they need to weather future storms.”

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