If you’re feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to addressing credit with your customers, the “Credit Overlord” is here to help.

In this podcast, Thea Dudley, CEO of Pocket Protectors, shares tips on what roofing distributors can to do better facilitate calls with customers related to credit and collections. Whether it’s taking a closer look at whether to extend a line of credit or helping customers manage their accounts, roofing distributors have a lot to consider when conversing about credit.

“You’ve got to be really open to having some uncomfortable conversations and hearing things you don’t want to hear and helping find those solutions,” said Dudley.

Dudley said some distributors may even need to help their customers with the lien process simply because they lack the knowledge. When it comes to actually having a conversation, Dudley suggests distributors go old school – skip the emails and texts that can easily be ignored or buried, and go straight to the source.

“I always tell my credit manager get on the phone,” she said. “Don’t run your business by postal service.”

Dudley even breaks down some of the common responses contractors give to credit questions and different ways you can effectively respond.

Download the podcast and listen at your leisure, or visit our video page to view the full conversation.