Planning is already well underway for National Women in Roofing Day 2024 in Las Vegas, Feb. 4. 

After record turnout of more than 500 roofing industry professionals earlier this year in Dallas, National Women in Roofing leaders want to build on inclusivity. Now in its 7th year, organizers of the event just before the International Roofing Expo are stretching the mission to include not just women working in all capacities in the roofing trade, but their male allies, too.  

NWiR Executive Committee Chair Jennifer Keegan discussed why, and more about this year’s theme of how women rise with allies and advocates in this brief video with RSP Publisher Jill Bloom.  

“I’m hoping that when I look out to the audience in February that it looks a lot different than it did last year,” said Keegan, director of building and roofing science at GAF. “It was great to have as much diversity as we did last year, and I’m hoping we have another layer of diversity this year.”  

This year’s breakout sessions will also continue to offer hands-on experience with roof assemblies; power learning sessions with other women in the industry, and a Spanish-only offering for attendees.