Craft, a San Francisco-based supply chain resilience company, announced last week a partnership with Strider Technologies, Inc., a provider of strategic intelligence, to enrich the data used to identify foreign influence within supply chains

In a March 13 joint news release, the companies said identifying and mitigating risks associated with foreign influence in global supply networks is crucial for agencies and organizations, particularly those involved in federal government contracts.

Strider said its foreign affiliation data has been added to Craft's supply chain resilience platform, providing a “holistic view of suppliers” for the Department of Defense, streamlining due diligence, safeguarding supply chains, and protecting against espionage and IP theft.

Under the partnership, Strider’s foreign affiliation data will integrate into Craft’s platform, providing insights across major risk categories, including financial, ESG, compliance, regulatory, geopolitical, and cybersecurity risk. 

"As globalization contributes to the complexity of multi-tier supplier networks, the lack of transparency becomes a breeding ground for potential threats," said Brian Mackerer, group director, Government and Defense Sector, at Craft. "This partnership is crucial in the face of geopolitical challenges, economic espionage, intellectual property theft, and cyber-attacks that can disrupt critical infrastructure."

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