TRUFAST, a technical solutions company for the building envelope, plans to offer roofing contractors and industry professionals an up-close look at its latest product innovations during the International Roofing Expo in Las Vegas, Feb. 6–8, located in Booth #5113. 

“At TRUFAST, we have long prided ourselves in advancing the industry with fastening solutions for every surface. IRE is a perfect venue for connecting with customers and demonstrating our commitment to solving their challenges,” said Derek Fielding, vice president, strategic marketing, Altenloh, Brinck & Co. US, Inc. 

TRUFAST's Retrofit Roof Drain“We’re excited to showcase some of our latest innovations, including product offerings that have evolved beyond mechanical fasteners,” Fielding added.

In a Jan. 30 news release, TRUFAST said among its new products is the EasySeal Retrofit Roof Drain, which features a unique mechanical seal and custom tool for quick and easy installation. Unlike other retrofit drains, EasySeal does not have sealant tape — which the company said can become exposed during shipping and handling, thus expanding before installation — or multiple screws that can only be accessed with a long screwdriver. 

The company said every EasySeal drain comes with a special tool to tighten the drain into place, so contractors will “always have the right tool for the job, right at their fingertips.” 

Other products to be featured at the expo include Thermal-Grip Insulation Pins for steel studs (12–18 gauge) and the Grip-Deck TubeSeal range — all recently introduced from TRUFAST Walls. 

Grip-Deck TubeSeal fasteners, which include designs for both insulation attachment and lath attachment, help seal blind fastener penetrations of air barriers or weather-resistant barriers. 

While TRUFAST is known for its mechanical fasteners, the company noted it also offers a portfolio of roofing adhesives and sealants. TRUFAST invites contractors to visit its booth #5113 to explore the company’s breadth of offerings.

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