With the recent introduction of the Yeti series of snow guards and the Drift Solar snow fence system, Rocky Mountain Snow Guards now offers one of the most in-depth snow retention product selections for the roofing industry.

The Colorado-based company provides Made in America metal snow guards, snow fences and bar-style snow retention systems designed to protect people and property. 

“We’ve reached a milestone of providing the widest breadth and depth of any snow retention product company in the industry,” said Lars Walberg, president of Rocky Mountain Snow Guards. “It’s not just about having a large quantity of products. We have the right products for every conceivable roof type application."

Walberg said Rocky Mountain Snow Guards is able to provide solutions for a variety of roof types, including composite, steel, metal, clay, asphalt roofing. 

"We also have products that work with cedar, slate, membrane and solar panels. Our snow retention solutions work with every imaginable roofing material," Walberg said.

Snow Guard Options

In the category of snow guards, Rocky Guard (RG) snow guards are available at 5-, 7-, 10- and 16-inches in length. There’s also Rocky Guard Narrow, Rocky Guard Wide, Rocky Guard Tile and Rocky Guard Slate snow guards.


The SnowTrapper (ST) series

The SnowTrapper (ST) series of snow guards come in 6-, 9-, 11-, 16R- and 18-inch lengths. A ST Tile Hook and ST Tile Barb rounds out the product offering. For corrugated steel roofs, the clip-style CorGard Snow Guard fastens through the top of the corrugation rather than through the bottom to reduce water “ponding” and eliminates the possibility of leaking around fasteners.

The new Yeti series of snow guards features an appealing gusseted half round design and comes in 6-, 9-, 11- and 18-inch versions. A Yeti Tile Hook is also available.

Snow guards come in either coated or mill finish aluminum (or powder coated steel) with most having the option of being available in copper.

Snow Fences

Both standing-seam clamp and bolt down fence style brackets are available from Rocky Mountain Snow Guards. Products and their components come in a variety of metals, including zinc-coated, powder-coated, galvanized, raw and stainless steel; powder-coated and mill-finished aluminum; and copper.

Clamp-to-Seam snow fence brackets include products in the Blizzard II, Blizzard Heavy Duty II, Blizzard Heavy Duty III, SnowCap I and II lines. Bolt down snow fence bracket lines include Drift Corrugated I and II, No-Flash II and III, Single-Ply, Drift II and III.

The company’s newest product, Drift Solar Snow Fence System is designed specifically for snow retention below solar panel installations on shingle roofs. The 12-inch tall, four-pipe aluminum Drift Solar snow retention system ensures no snow slips past the snow fence. It serves as a “catch basin” for snow. The system comes in Mill Finish Aluminum or Coated Aluminum. 

Bar-Style Snow Guard Systems

Rocky Mountain Snow Guards is the largest distributor of S-5!® ColorGard® Bar-Style Snow Guard Systems in the Rocky Mountain Region. Designed for excellent snow retention on metal panel roofs and single ply membrane roofs, S-5! recently received an Evaluation Report (ER) from the IAPMO. It certifies their snow retention systems’ compliance with Evaluation Criteria (EC) 029-2018 for Standing Seam Metal Roof-Mounted Rail-Type Snow Retention Systems.

The engineers at Rocky Mountain Snow Guards offer free snow retention plans from architectural plans or satellite roof reports. Whether for a new roof or a retrofit roofing project, the free layouts are provided within three to four business days showing the recommended products, placement, installation instructions and a quote for the system. All considerations, such as geography, roofing material, roof pitch and potential snow loads are taken into deliberation with the plans.

“Both roofers and architects take advantage of the free layout request,” says Walberg. “We provide the expertise for any project that gives them confidence with this crucial component of the roofing system.”

For details visit rockymountainsnowguards.com or call 1-877-414-7606.