DuPont announced all its production facilities in North America manufacturing Styrofoam Brand XPS insulation have now started producing a new formalized product of insulation board, reducing embodied carbon by 94% and identifiable with a shift from its original blue to a new grey color.

In a Nov. 30 news release, DuPont said the new insulation maintains Styrofoam Brand XPS’ trusted moisture resistance and thermal performance criteria demanded by the market. In addition to delivering lower embodied carbon, the new Styrofoam Brand XPS insulation offers several benefits to customers, including LEED v4.1 LCA Optimization credit.

"I'm incredibly proud of everyone who contributed to this remarkable milestone," said Tim Lacey, global vice president & general manager of DuPont Performance Building Solutions and Corian Design. “Our collective efforts have significantly decarbonized our Styrofoam portfolio, enabling us to support our customers and communities better while taking care of our planet."

Dupont said the new low-GWP Styrofoam Brand XPS Insulation continues to build on its strengths, including using 100% renewable electricity1 and a zero-ozone-depletion formula; the reformulation still features a minimum R-value of R-5 per inch of thickness, for long-term thermal performance.

Certifications and key highlights for the new formulation include:

  • Provides 200% cost, or equivalent to two products, for the LEED v4.1 LCA Optimization credit
  • Published UL environmental product declarations (EPDs) – U.S. and Canada
  • Embodied Carbon/LCA Optimization Assessment, which demonstrates that DuPont's low-GWP product has achieved a 94% reduction in embodied carbon relative to the previous formulation
  • UL Certified 20% pre-consumer recycled content, on average
  • Material Ingredient reporting available as a Manufacturer Inventory through GreenCircle Certified

In addition, the new formulation has already garnered awards for sustainable innovation, including the 2023 American Chemistry Council Sustainability Leadership Award in the Environmental Protection category. Styrofoam Brand Plazamate XR insulation, which features the low-GWP formulation and offers the highest thermal resistance per inch of any XPS roofing insulation, also received a 2023 R&D 100 Award.

"This innovation embodies the spirit of action that we're seeing today as world leaders gather at COP28 to drive a stronger commitment to decarbonization,” said Shawn Hunter, Global Sustainability director of DuPont Performance Building Solutions. “By completing this conversion, our team achieved a major milestone in the history of Styrofoam, significantly reducing embodied carbon while maintaining high-performance levels and supporting the necessary transition to net-zero buildings."

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