When it comes to the roofing business, providing quality roofing materials is only half the battle. To truly serve your customers' needs and elevate their roofing projects to the next level, it's essential to offer a range of roofing accessories. Those add-ons do more than update your sales totals; they also build customer trust.

After the necessities are determined, the responsibility is to educate the contractor about which accessories are available. First, listen to the customer's needs and suggest beneficial additions.

"Accessory items allow us to show and sell new items to our customers. Whether it's a high-margin item like solar-powered ventilation or a less expensive item like nails, showing that you're coming up with solutions to possible future roadblocks won't go unnoticed by customers," says Elite Roofing Supply's Residential Sales Director Scott Littlefield. 

Anticipating a client's needs is essential to building trust. Going in with a plan and ideas demonstrates your investment in their business and the relationship you share. It also shows your knowledge of the products offered. Your goal should be to be a reliable one-stop shop for your customers.

"We want to create a steady flow of inventory with our contractors. That means meeting with service/shop managers at a roofing contractor's office, figuring out their wants and needs, and establishing minimums/maximums based on their usage," says Elite Roofing Supply's Director of Commercial Sales, Dan Doherty. 

What are some of the best ways to sell add-ons?

  • Education: Explain to your customer why they need these accessories and how having them can improve the performance and lifespan of their project.
  • Create Bundled Packages: By having accessories bundled, you will simplify the process and ensure your customer has what they need to be successful.  
  • Sweeten The Deal: Create promotions or discounts for customers who purchase roofing accessories alongside their primary roofing materials. This deal can incentivize customers to make a complete purchase with you.

"The key to selling add-ons to customers is to educate them on the necessary tools for the job, manufacturer rebates, and system warranties. Customers need to know how their purchase today will benefit them in the long run. The goal is to always work ahead with each client," says sales expert and Managing Partner Juan Rosero. 

So, next time your customers pitch a roofing project, remember that the right accessories can make all the difference.