Ziegler Energy Solutions, a Minnesota solar module provider, announced earlier this month it entered into a three-year purchase agreement and commitment with solar module manufacturer Heliene to bring domestically manufactured solar solutions to regional customers throughout the Midwest.  

Ziegler Energy Solutions, a 2023 start-up within the century-old Ziegler Companies portfolio, said in a Nov. 17 news release that it plans to bring its “expertise selling and servicing brands in the construction and agriculture equipment space” to the renewable energy and distributed generation market. 

The company said it supports its customers by “…simplifying complex energy systems and effectively integrating clean energy with a suite of innovative power solutions, superior equipment, and industry-leading” customer service.  

“Leveraging Ziegler’s long history in power generation and Heliene’s high-quality, American-made solar modules, we’re bringing the resources, equipment and technology needed to help customers integrate renewable power in their large-scale, utility-type projects,” said William M. Hoeft, president, Ziegler Companies. 

Heliene is a domestic solar module manufacturer serving the utility-scale, commercial, and residential markets; the company delivers competitively priced, high-performance solar modules to accelerate the region’s clean energy integration. 

“This partnership with Ziegler Energy Solutions is instrumental to Heliene’s goals in growing and strengthening the U.S. solar market,” said Martin Pochtaruk, CEO of Heliene. “Together, we [can] respond to the increasing need for clean energy solutions while creating well-paying jobs for Americans, [and] strengthening our domestic workforce.” 

The passage of the Inflation Reduction Act in August 2022 created a wave of investment and optimism for the future growth of the solar industry — while offering tax credits to help American businesses invest in solar panels. Ziegler believes the iron is hot and, as energy prices increase, said the lower cost of solar energy is driving demand in the commercial solar market. 

“With the support of the IRA and our industry partners, Heliene looks forward to continuing its legacy of affirming the value of clean energy projects by providing high-quality, domestically sourced solar PV modules,” Pochtaruk added.

Companies may receive a federal credit equal to 30% of the solar project cost, along with additional benefits and local financial incentives, where available. 

“Solar is the simplest renewable energy source to implement because it uses already-available roofs or green space,” Hoeft said. “And with no moving parts, robust warranty coverage, and a long-life expectancy, a quality solar PV system provides … low-cost energy with minimal maintenance required.” 

For more information, visit ZieglerES.com or Heliene.com.