Elite Roofing Supply, one of the largest locally-owned independent distributor of roofing materials, announced CEO Sarah Weiss was named the 2023 CEO of the Year by the Phoenix Business Journal.

Each year, qualified nominees are reviewed by a committee of experts and the award is presented to executive who has demonstrated leadership, creativity, generosity, and other qualities needed to be a top business leader.

“The past 10 years have been full of moments of doubt, moments of humility, moments of pride, and it has all been worth it because of our 520 amazing employees who make my role so incredibly rewarding and have made our company into what it is today,” says Weiss.

This year, Elite Roofing Supply celebrates 10 years in business after opening its first location in Orange, Calif.

Along with employing hundreds of roofing industry experts, Elite Roofing Supply also serves thousands of roofers nationwide. Weiss attributes her success to her leadership team, family, friends, Elite’s partners, and customers.

“Customers and vendor relationships are essential to success when you're a small business — you need those people rooting for you,” says Weiss.

Weiss was named CEO in 2019 after serving as the company’s chief operating officer for several years under her father and founder, Brian Torry. In the Phoenix Business Journal article, Weiss spoke about overcoming the difficulties of taking over the business prior to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

“I took over about eight months before the pandemic, so I then had to figure out how to navigate as kind of the chief medical officer and the CEO at the same time,” Weiss told the Phoenix Business Journal. “I definitely became the front, the face of the company, and frankly, you know, as a CEO, everyone's watching everything you're doing or listening to every word … that was different than the COO role I've been in before.”

She said she has benefitted from reaching out to her peers to achieve success as a leader. She is a member of Arizona Roofing Contractors Association and Independent Distributor Alliance Corporation member. Weiss serves as an editorial advisor for Roofing Supply Pro.

Read the Phoenix Business Journal article here.