Malco Products, the building construction manufacturer of tools for roofing, HVAC and roofing and other trades, unveiled its latest innovative tools in its metal roofing portfolio during METALCON 2023 in Las Vegas. 

Among the metal roofing tools demonstrated in Malco’s METALCON booth include: 

  • Power-Assisted Seamers: This is the fastest seaming machine in the world (max speed of 98 feet per minute), driven with a cordless drill from a standing position for effortless and ergonomic seaming of single and double mechanical lock standing-seam panels. 
  • Power Assisted Cutters: Demo single or double mechanically locked standing-seam metal roofing panels, operated with a cordless drill from a standing position. 
  • 1-Station and 2-Station Metal Disc Benders: Finish custom straight or curved metal roofing details like open hems and HVAC ductwork. Available in both large and small models. 
  • 2-Station Benders: Form 0-100° bends in standing seam roofing. Best for long, continuous straight bends of infinite lengths. Available in 150mm, 200mm and 350mm models. 

These products join Malco’s Modular 1-Station Metal Bender, which launched in spring 2023.

Malco - METALCON - In body image.jpg

“As the popularity of metal roofing continues to soar, so does the number of tools available for professionals. But not every tool is created equal, and choosing the right tool can quite literally, make or break your success on the job site,” said Rebecca Talbot, Malco’s vice president of marketing. “We’re excited to showcase our latest expanded line of metal roofing tools that help pros get the job done faster and more efficiently than ever before.” 

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