Roofing Supply Pro joins other organizations in tipping our (trucker) hats to those who drive hundreds of millions of miles to ensure the roofing distribution industry remains supplied, and deliveries are on time.

Last week marked the 35th Annual National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, providing an opportunity for the trucking industry, the business community, and the public to renew efforts to recognize professional truck drivers. Thousands of trucking companies, manufacturers, producers, and industry suppliers are acknowledging the contributions of truck drivers this week by hosting cookouts, doing giveaways, honoring safety achievements, announcing new incentive programs, and inviting friends and family to participate in the festivities.

“Truck drivers are the ones who move our country forward, and they deserve to be celebrated by their companies, customers, neighbors, families and friends,” said American Trucking Association [ATA] President and CEO Chris Spear. “America’s 3.5 million truckers drive hundreds of billions of miles each year. Every one of those miles represents a stocked store shelf, a package placed on a household doorstep, raw materials delivered to a manufacturer, and equipment conveyed to a construction site. Truck drivers have a vital role, and they fulfill that responsibility with professionalism and a commitment to safety. We invite all Americans to join us in thanking these hardworking men and women who supply our communities.”

According to the ATA, truck drivers deliver almost 11.5 billion tons of freight each year, about 70% of all the freight moved in the United States. More than 80% of U.S. communities rely exclusively on truck drivers to deliver their goods and commodities, including the most remote towns and territories that are unreachable by other modes of transportation.

Each year, ATA asks the trucking industry to engage their local communities in this week’s celebration of truck drivers. To facilitate this, ATA puts together an NTDAW toolkit for trucking companies and industry affiliates to use in their efforts to celebrate truck drivers. 

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