Last month, the family of Frederick E. Creed, formerly of Chicago and enjoying Sun City West, Ariz., on his 2008 Honda Goldwing motorcycle, passed away suddenly at Banner Del Webb Medical Center on Aug. 12. He was 78. 

Born in Memphis, Tenn., on Oct 4, 1944, Creed moved to Chicago with his mother, Juanita. According to his obituary on the Camino del Sol funeral website, Juanita raised him alongside his grandmother, aunts, and Uncle Pop. 

His love for Chicago was evident to those who heard his stories, and he loved taking new people on the “Fred Creed Tour of Chicago,” which was never the same trip but was always a memorable experience.

Creed, it was written, didn’t believe work was work; it was something fun he could do every day. He modeled children’s clothes, delivered groceries, and parked cars by age 12. His professional career started at Coca-Cola in the Special Events department, where he made lifelong friends.

A natural salesman, he took sales positions at Bird & Son and then Richards Building Supply/Acorn Roofing Supply, where he created a trade show that would make him famous.

In 1985, he and his wife took a leap of faith that he could succeed at being a manufacturers representative, and All Weather Products, a division of Creed & Associates, was born. Since then, he has been annoying his customers with his knowledge of roofing materials, codes, and anything else he could use to encourage you to “buy something; my kids need shoes.” 

MIRO Industries took a chance on him early on in their careers, and the Friday before he passed, he was still happily selling pipe supports.

Armed with only a high school diploma and swimming upstream because of learning disabilities, he pushed himself to earn a Certified Professional Manufacturers Representative certificate from Indiana University. He was grateful for everything the job provided him and his family.

While Creed thought nothing of volunteering to help where and when he could, both in Illinois and Arizona, he was immensely proud to be called “Coach Creed.” His voice was heard for several decades across many soccer pitches where the lessons he taught were endless: about soccer, self, and life. 

His impact on the teenagers of the “Flaming Chickens” and the “Nazareth Academy Roadrunners” was tremendous, and he valued the opportunity to watch his team mature from adolescents into adults.

03goldwing.pngBy all accounts, he loved riding his 2008 Honda Goldwing motorcycle. Despite not being able to serve in the military, Creed was honored to be allowed to ride along with the veterans of “Run for the Wall.” He believed in the credo no one should be left behind and remember those who had or are currently serving.

Creed is survived by his wife of 47 years, Julaine; daughters, Kristina Creed, Stephanie Creed, and Michelle Andersen. Lastly, he is survived by the only one who “really” knew something was wrong — and will miss him terribly — his morning “walking partner,” Charlie, the dog. All are comforted to know that so many people got to have ‘The Fred Creed Experience.’

In place of flowers, the family asks you to consider contributing to the family nonprofit “We Are Creed” or “Run for the Wall.” In His Memory, please enjoy your “first one today.” 

View Creed's Tribute Wall here.

Chicago Skyline.jpgA celebration of Creed's life will be held on Sept. 23. The family requests an RSVP, which can be done HERE.

The Roofing Contractor and Roofing Supply Pro teams extend our deep condolences to the Creed family. May his memory always be a blessing.