For those who love using data from Google Analytics to improve operations, you may have noticed a shift recently from the traditional analytics to GA4.

For those who might not be aware, July 1 was the deadline for the conversion to GA4. In this episode of “Dear Anna,” Art Unlimited CEO Anna Anderson explains that fair notice was given, but even then, roofing distributors might be surprised to find they’re viewing their metrics in a whole new light.

“We’re going from Google Analytics and the data points we understand and have known for years into this new experience under the umbrella of GA4,” she said. “That’s where we’re looking at truly identifying and measuring consume experiences, understanding what your consumer is doing throughout their digital journey.”

Anderson said using GA4 will allow companies to elevate the consumer experience in ways the prior Google Analytics couldn’t provide. That doesn’t mean the data will disappear – users can access the historical data from their site.

“Moving forward, you’re going to be looking at consumer experience data points to be able to predict and change how you leverage and move forward with your marketing strategies,” she said.

Baked into GA4 is machine learning, AKA artificial intelligence, that has the ability to predict and suggest more effective marketing techniques. Anderson discusses how this differs from the analytics of old and can help create more customer conversions.

To learn more about GA4 and how it can help roofing distributors, listen to the full podcast here or download it and listen on the go.