Westlake Royal Building Products USA, Inc. introduced a clear, protective film to its Kleer Trim and Sheet products in smooth and wood grain surfaces, ensuring the product remains “clean and pristine” on the job site.

The new protective film for the company’s Kleer-line offerings is designed to keep the products “untarnished throughout all stages of its journey, including storage, handling, shipping, repackaging and installation,” the company said in a July 11 news release. The removable film is simply peeled away after the product has been installed.

“As always, we aim to look for ways to make jobs easier for our distributors, dealers and contractors, that’s why we are excited to introduce this new, protective film for our Kleer product line,” said Steve Booz, vice president, marketing, Westlake Royal Building Products. “This extra layer of protection allows the product to remain clean and pristine at the jobsite.”

Westlake Royal outlined the advantages of the protective film:

  • Keeping trim clean during shipping, storing, handling
  • Protects from dust and dirt
  • Easy to peel off without leaving any residue behind
  • Helps stand out at the jobsite with ‘Kleer’ branding

For more information, visit kleerlumber.com.