K2, a mounting system supplier based in Germany, recently showcased a range of new solutions at the Intersolar Europe trade show, which took place in mid-June in Munich. Among the products unveiled, K@ highlighted a new mounting structure for green rooftops. 

According to company literature, the new mounting structure, GreenRoof Vento, allows for portrait and landscape module elevations at 10 degrees and 15 degrees, with maximum module sizes of 2,400 mm x 1,350 mm. The system may also be applied to It can also be used on existing rooftops. 

“The new member of the K2 product family firstly ensures a firm footing and secondly — thanks to the greater distance from module to roof — reliably prevents shading caused by overgrown vegetation,” a company spokesperson told PV Magazine. “The feet provide a firm hold but are designed small enough so that moss and succulents continue to receive light and water so that they can continue to make their valuable contribution.”

The mounting system manufacturer plans to integrate the new solution in its PV project planning tool, K2 Base, by the end of the third quarter 2023.

PV Magazine said that, according to a recent study, the output power of PV systems could be increased by up to 8% when installed on green roofs. “The main factors determining this performance improvement are the cooling effect through transpiration and evaporation from the plants, their ability to absorb dust, and the diffuse reflection of sunlight through the foliage,” the magazine wrote.

For more information, visit k2partnering.com.