Benjamin Obdyke, a pioneering supplier of roofing and other building envelope construction products, announced on June 13 that the company would transition to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan-owned concern in a move it says solidifies commitment to long-term success.

The company, founded in 1868, first introduced many now-commonplace products to the market, including the first roofing ridge vent on a roll, the first wood roofing underlayment, and the first rolled product to provide drainage and airflow in rain-screen wall assemblies.  

“For more than 155 years, Benjamin Obdyke has experienced remarkable growth and celebrated countless achievements thanks to our exceptional team's hard work and dedication,” said David Campbell, president and CEO. 

“Recognizing the vital role our employees play in these ongoing accomplishments, Benjamin Obdyke has made the strategic decision to transition to an ESOP, aligning our structure with our values of employee empowerment and collaboration,” Campbell added in a statement announcing the change.

Benjamin Obdyke called the change to an ESOP a significant milestone, demonstrating the organization’s commitment to its workforce and “…reinforcing a culture of inclusivity, transparency, and trust.” As its name implies, by becoming an ESOP, employees now have a direct stake in the company’s future success.

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