Like anything of beauty, iconic roofs spanning the globe are instantly recognizable precisely because of that glorious top. 

In honor of National Roofing Week, your friends at Roofing Contractor and Roofing Supply Pro offer a list of roofs so unique that each has impressed itself upon our collective consciousness. 

We're confident you won't need pictures to help you answer the questions (we're writers, after all). However, within the photo montage above, you will find pictures of the correct answers below.

Let’s see how globalist your roofing knowledge is …

1. The majesty of this Gothic palace to Christendom is adjacent to its locale's national bicameral legislature. What am I?
Westminster Abbey
Washington National Cathedral
2. Its glass pyramid has since become so iconic it's "the" distinguishing characteristic often identifying this much larger place. What am I?
The Louvre Museum
The Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas
3. This building is more than 1,500 years old and is located in the city center of a metropolis that sits at "the crossroads of Europe and Asia"; it had a rebranding in the 15th Century. What am I?
Notre Dame
The Hagia Sophia
St. Peter's Basilica
The Taj Mahal
The Shah Mosque
4. Jutting out into a harbor, the architecture of this sculpted roof has become a symbol of the country it is located in.
The Statue of Liberty
The Sydney Opera House
5. The onion domes adorning this building are often mistaken as this country's seat of government. What am I?
St. Paul's Cathedral
The Taj Mahal
St. Basil's Cathedral
Dome of the Rock

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