Safety Hoist Company has announced the SteepSlope Roof Scaffold, a new tool designed to assist roofers on steep-slope roofs. The SteepSlope Scaffold is a free-floating platform system that works on roofs with a pitch between 8/12 and 14/12.

“The SteepSlope Scaffold increases efficiency of work on steep-slope roofs and improves jobsite safety,” said Mike Dell, executive vice president at Safety Hoist Company. “It’s much more practical — and significantly safer  than using roof jacks or chicken ladders.”

Features and benefits of the SteepSlope Scaffold:

  • Easily mounts on all types of roof materials including slate, tile, asphalt, and metal (including stone-coated) with a pitch between 8/12 and 14/12.
  • Doesn’t damage the roof or leave holes from fasteners.
  • Does not require cleats to secure onto the roof.
  • Lightweight and easy to move around to different areas of the roof.
  • Only needs one person to set up (and sets up in under 10 minutes).

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