OTH Pioneer Rigging will display its quick-release hooks for steel erection, metal building system installation, and roofing supply delivery applications at the 54th Annual Conference for the Metal Building Contractors & Erectors Association, May 8-10, in Nashville, Tenn. 

According to a release from OTH Pioneer, the hooks are ideal for lifting structural metal components (joists, columns, purlins, rafters, girts, etc.), metal wall panels, metal ceiling systems, and more, and keep operations moving at an efficient pace.

The radio remote controlled hooks can speed up the lifting process and reduce risk to workers by keeping them from manually unhooking rigging. The range of the radio remote control is 200 feet and is used to trigger the opening mechanism. The opening mechanism of the hook switches off when lifting over 55 pounds, ensuring that the load cannot be dropped during a lift. When the load is set down, the opening mechanism switches on allowing the user to release the hook. OTH logo.jpg

OTH Pioneer states the hook features a long-lasting battery life, meaning one hook is capable of more than 500 lifts before needing to be charged. The hook remains locked if the battery is fully discharged. The hooks are OSHA, ASME, UL/CSA, and FCC/IC compliant, and there are more than 600 units already in use in North America. 

Available in two models, one individual LudwigHook has a working load limit of 4,400 pounds, and one XL hook is rated for 11,600 pounds. However, users can synchronize an unlimited number of hooks on the same remote, in any combination, to achieve scalable lifting capacity. Both models can be used with vertical, basket, or choker setups and any kind of attachment (wire rope, nylon rope, chains, eye bolts, etc). Lifting capacity of the system doubles when used in a basket configuration.

OTH Pioneer Rigging has permanent customer service for North American users and provides 24-hour shipping on spare parts to any job site within the U.S. and Canada. OTH Pioneer Rigging also offers annual inspections and allows new users a one-week trial free of charge.