FlashCo Manufacturing Inc., based in Sonoma County, Calif., recently announced the acquisition of a small Pennsylvania-based laminated products company in Scranton, Pa., Metkote Laminated Products. 

Flashco, founded in 2000, has grown over the past two decades to become one of North America’s largest manufacturers of roof flashing and accessory products. The company has plants throughout the U.S. 

Metkote manufactures vinyl-metal laminates for emergency vehicles, roofing, furniture, appliances, partitions, and other products. Founded in 1989, Metkote grew to become a leader in its industry.  

"We're pleased to announce our acquisition of Metkote," said Greg Morrow, CEO of FlashCo. "This strategic acquisition completes our footprint throughout the United States."

ACT Capital Advisors, a nationwide mergers and acquisitions firm, acted as the exclusive financial advisor. Dan Nicklaus, managing director, and Ivan Trindev, senior associate, advised FlashCo on the transaction and acquisition capital. 

"Already a leader in roofing accessories, FlashCo enhances its ability to service their industry with the addition of Metkote," Nicklaus said in a statement. "We are excited to have delivered a positive outcome for the FlashCo team."